7 habits of highly dapper-minded gentlemen

7 habits of highly dapper-minded gentlemen

Being a dapper man falls right in line with Steven Covey’s 7 habits of highly effective people

What does it mean to be dapper minded?  Is it just about fashion and looking good?  Is it about wearing suits every day and buying expensive clothes?  Not quite.  Being dapper is a lifestyle.  It’s about living your life in a way that prioritizes respect.  Respect for ourselves and respect for others.  Being dapper is about more than just looking good, it’s about being good…in everything we do.

Someone who is dapper-minded takes care of himself and the people around him. 

He works hard and takes pride in maintaining the things he’s earned.  Health and nutrition is paramount and always taken seriously.  Confidence is exuded, not conceded.  A dapper minded man makes power moves to advance himself in life and in his career, but never at the expense of someone else.  This man is a good friend, he has great family values and he knows how to treat a woman.  A dapper minded gentleman has it all together.

So how does one become dapper-minded?

Like anything in life, in order to master doing or being something, one must practice at it.  No one is born being completely well-rounded and no one becomes dapper overnight.  Being dapper minded and having a dapper lifestyle is achieved through adopting healthy practices.  Committing to habits and rituals that help to make you a better person and ultimately; a better man.  In this book, DAPPER EFFECTS has compiled the 7 of most helpful and important Dapper Habits that will help further develop any man; into a Dapper-Minded gentleman.


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Dr. Tom

Dr. Tom

Tom is one of the founders of Dapper Effects. He's also a licensed Ear Doctor running a variety of podcasts. He specializes in giving men confidence and just flat out awesomeness. Follow all of Toms Post on Dapper.

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