Why every woman secretly wants a man with a little momma’s boy in him

momma's boy

What is a momma’s boy?

We all know the drawbacks of being a full-blown, overgrown man-child…and men who have been recognized as ‘Momma’s Boys’ are considered to be challenging, cowardly and lack masculinity. They let their mothers control them and influence mostly all of their decisions. They constantly compare their significant other to their mother, and god forbid there’s a conflict between the two; a momma’s boy will almost always side with his mother over his lover. It’s hard to “save the drama for your momma” when your man’s momma is the source of the drama.

Merriam-Webster defines a Momma’s Boy as a man who is extremely or excessively close to and solicitous of his mother.

Being close to and protective of one’s mother in itself is an honorable quality. But when mother and son become too dependent on each other, that results in negative personality traits and an unhealthy relationship.

Are there benefits to being a man who’s close to his momma?

However, there are huge benefits to being with a man who has been properly raised and knows how to compartmentalize between his original family and the one he has created with his woman. Of course, no woman wants to be with a man who cannot function without the input of his mother. But whether they realize it or not, most woman ALSO want a man who has been taught the proper way to treat women, honor and respect his wife and raise his children. Basically, every woman secretly wants a man with a little bit of ‘momma’s boy’ in him.

A man must have respect for all women

A woman can tell a lot about how a particular man she may not know treats women; from how he speaks about his mother. If he speaks about her in a caring and respectful manner, chances are he’ll treat all the women in his life with the same respect. There isn’t a more accurate indicator of a man’s character than when you
observe the relationship he has with his mother. Men who have a good relationship (good…, not creepy or dependent) with their mothers tend to be more understanding and respectful towards women in general.

These types of guys focus on being chivalrous

‘Real’ men also know that chivalry is NOT dead and take every opportunity to show that they ARE chivalrous. They were taught to show EVERY woman respect and honor; which means he will treat his wife, his mother-in-law, his daughter(s) and every other woman like the queens they are. ‘Mommas Boys’ are raised to only honor their mothers and to put her above everyone and everything else.

Momma’s boys have a higher emotional intelligence

Men who have been raised by a woman in the right way are more in tune with their emotions and know the value of being empathetic. Momma’s Boys are notoriously over-sensitive which makes them look weak and childish, where ‘real’ men know when to show certain emotions and how to express and address those emotions. It’s ok for a man to cry once in a while, but it’s not cool for a man to wine and act like a spoiled brat when he doesn’t get his way.

These men make great husbands and fathers

Men with a little bit of a ‘momma’s boy’ in them make GREAT family men. Opposite of a full momma’s boy, they are taught to show equal love to both his mother and his lover, and to understand that his responsibility to his household and family is his priority. Good mothers also teach their sons how to be domestic and to share in household maintenance and chores. Momma’s boys are usually spoiled by their mothers and end up wanting a maid instead of a mate. Whereas ‘real’ men are flexible when it comes to ‘gender roles’ in a relationship and never thinks a woman’s job to do any particular thing. She can take care of the children if she chooses’, but she can also take care of her career as well.

If your potential husband is a good son, he definitely has the right stuff to be a good dad as well. His mother has taught him the importance of being well-groomed, how to speak properly and how to eat and behave with manners and respect…all qualities that will be passed down to your children.

He makes you feel safe and valued

Women want a man who displays wisdom, strength and masculinity…and it takes a certain amount of ‘steadfastness’ to tell one’s mother that they must wait or that they are wrong. But that is actually what a good mother will teach her son. She will teach him the importance of honesty and to always tell the truth; even to her. A full ‘momma’s boy’ is scared of disappointing his mother, which makes him weak and unreliable.

So when dating and searching for that special someone to spend your life with, consider the qualities you expect in a man and the ‘deal-breakers’ you will not settle for. Nine times out of ten; most of the qualities, standards and values you want in your partner would not be possible without a strong, positive influence from a phenomenal woman.

Basically, you want a man with a little bit of ‘momma’s boy’ in him.

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