Men Should Feel Like Men

Men Should Feel Like Men | Dapper Dossier Podcast

What is the definition of being a man in 2020?

Many men measure their manhood by what they can provide and being locked down can
diminish his opportunity to do that, resulting in this feeling of a lowered self-worth. What is the importance of men feeling ‘like a man’ in their relationships?

The 2020 pandemic has certainly affected men on a deep level

Men want to be appreciated as a man from the women in their lives. Men want to “feel comfortable in their own skins.” It is important for men to feel like he is PURPOSEFUL.

Many men find their purpose in purpose in their work. The pandemic has challenged that notion.

Whether he works a 9-5 or stays at home and cooks while facilitating the kid’s remote learning, every man needs to be celebrated for his energy and efforts. When a man doesn’t feel like man in his relationship, when he feels like he doesn’t matter. It can have negative effects in other areas of his life as well. Feeling emasculated can lead to two, mature, grown-ass men; almost fighting over who gets the front seat.

Every man wants to feel like they MATTER and LIVE with CONFIDENCE and SWAGGER!

Written By:

Dr. Tom

Dr. Tom

Tom is one of the founders of Dapper Effects. He's also a licensed Ear Doctor running a variety of podcasts. He specializes in giving men confidence and just flat out awesomeness. Follow all of Toms Post on Dapper.