Daily Affirmations For 2018

Daily affirmations to live by in 2018

Appreciate the little things in life. Some of the best things in life really ARE free. Love your life and what you’ve been given, it is NOT an accident. Be honest. Work hard. Say “thank you” and “great job” to someone every day. Dream Big. Set goals.

Dreams and goals must never be lost as we make our way through this thing called life

Search for your purpose in life and do whatever that is to the best of your ability. Let your handshake mean than a contract on paper and your word mean more than a promise. Wealth is measured in friends and family, and the wealthiest people always have loved ones they can call on in their hour of need. Let stress ‘roll off your back’ like water on the feathers of a duck. Care not about what people say or think of you. You are ‘who you are’ and you do ‘what you do’…And remember, every day you wake up on the ‘right’ side of the grass is a GOOD day.

Lastly, remember: “All of this, including YOU, was made possible…all because two people fell in love.”

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Dr. Tom

Dr. Tom

Tom is one of the founders of Dapper Effects. He's also a licensed Ear Doctor running a variety of podcasts. He specializes in giving men confidence and just flat out awesomeness. Follow all of Toms Post on Dapper.